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About 3%

3% Nation is a site that is under construction, we will be adding as many resources to the page to help individuals try and get medical and religious exemptions from the unlawful mandates. 
We will be changing the shirt pictures to something more professional very shortly as well as adding new items and shirts regularly.

Our History


Our history is a story of my family. I left high school, joined the Marine Corps and dedicated seven years of my life to the oath I swore to. I met my wife while I was active duty and realized the military is not a life for me, I wanted to spend time with my family and that was not happening while in. Before getting out, I spent my last year in Afghanistan where I watched my daughter born on the other side of a 13" screen, this event solidified my decision to move on to the next chapter in our life. I left the Corps and started college, three years later and a degree in business, I went back to what I knew best, Private Security. I spent a few years as an Executive protection specialist for many high net worth individuals, before starting my own security company. I now own and operate a private security company, were we still operate and I still actively work with clients. This is a hobby and something I love to do. This is a one man show however I can pump out shirts in now time, so you wont be waiting long for your order. Thank you for taking the time to read this and visit our website. 




Our Expertise


I'm no expert in this, but I have a passion for making shirts and designing them, I have a passion for our country, so I am combining the two to bring you patriotic t-shirts!




Our Commitment


Our commitment is to always use quality products. To constantly add new designs and bring back original ones for limited releases. We are committed to ensuring nothing but the best, if there is ever an issue with any of our products, please call or email so we can fix the issue immediately. 
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