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Welcome to 3% Nation



Established in 2021, 3% nation offers a variety of
patriotic T-shirts that hopefully convince our everyday Proud, hard working American to stand up and voice their opinion, and to bring back Patriotism.
Patriotism is not dead!
The site will be updated very soon, it is still under construction, however you can still order shirts and stickers for now.
Every shirt can be any size, men's or women's shirts or tank tops, and come in black, white or olive drab green (military green)
Happy Veterans Day background, American flags against a blue fog background, November 11,
The Idea behind the name comes from The Revolutionary war. It took 3% of the population to fight back against a tyrannical government to gain our independence.
Sadly today our government has become what we fought to get away from, to much power and control in our personal lives. We want to encourage people in times like today to stand up and fight for our freedom, before our kids never know what true freedom is.
We donate a portion of every shirt profits to a non-profit that fights against child trafficking. God Bless & God speed!
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